Solution Architecture

Phobos has, since its inception, delivered numerous software projects to its clients. For each of these projects Phobos has provided technical leadership in solutioning and development. Our long term involvement with our clients has given us a thorough understanding of the technical challenges that they face and has allowed us to contribute to the broader architecture of their IT systems. Phobos is delivery focussed in its design and implementation of software solutions.

Service Oriented Architecture and Distributed Design

Taking a more holistic approach to how software is delivered within an enterprise provides many benefits and addresses some of the shortcomings of traditional methods.  Using a Service Orientated Architecture is one such approach and allows a business to continually build on previous work rather than thinking about each new product in isolation. Starting with high level business processes and the data that drives them helps to create an understanding of what parts of a business are autonomous.  This in turn allows the realisation of services that can become the authority for business capabilities.  Breaking up the problem this way allows the introduction of a distributed architecture that can help solve the problems of reliability and scale.

Cloud Based Services

Making use of cloud services such as those provided by Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services (AWS) can enable a business to respond faster to it’s needs. Cloud services can be leveraged to size themselves dynamically as this demand dictates, ie being elastic.  Targeting applications to run on Platform As A Service (PasS) enables automatic provisioning, scaling, health monitoring and redundancy with no extra work.  In cloud databases, both SQL and NoSQL can also benefit from the redundancy and elastic growth model that the cloud provides.

Proof of Concepts

When deciding on a technological path for a project or programme of work it can be beneficial to create technical spikes to test the strengths and limitations of a prospective technology. These proof of concepts need to have well defined exit criteria, so that the outcome is well known on completion, and they should be achieved with a minimum of effort. Phobos consultants are well versed in getting to an outcome within a technical spike with the minimum of effort.